Ecosoft Replacement Filter for Iron Reduction 4.5"× 20"

Ecosoft Replacement Filter for Iron Reduction 4.5"× 20"

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Ecosoft Replacement Filters for Iron Reduction reduces iron and other compounds in well water, as well as decrease concentration of petrochemicals and pesticides. The filter greatly improves color, taste and odor of water, providing consumers with tasty high-quality water. 

  • Filter contains a blend of catalytic sorption material, high-quality activated carbon and PH corrector
  • Reduces 80 percent of iron 
  • Sized 4.5" x 20"

The Ecosoft Replacement Filter for Iron Reduction has been manufactured with the top of the line technology to ensure a uniform material structure. This allows water maximum contact to the surface area of the carbon block, which allows for the sorption capacity to be at its maximum.

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Better Water

Our products undergo rigorous testing that exceeds the industry’s most rigid quality expectations. Ecosoft strives to give you healthier, great-tasting water

Better Value

Premium filtration should be accessible to all. Ecosoft offers low filter replacement prices, keeping down your yearly filter maintenance cost, always within reach.