About us

Since the early 1990’s due to the partnership with Dow Chemical we become European leader in water purification technology production. We manufacture and provide water purification solution either for individual, commercial and industrial application.

Our mission is to supply crystal water to social and commercial users all over the world.

We guaranty quality because of the extensive chemical engineering and system purification background results in strong R&D, product development and technical support expertise.

We have advanced research and product design groups. These are easy identifiable and frequently invited to resolve the problems connected with water condition in small towns, big cities in different countries.

The production facility is located in Germany and is certified by American WQA in compliance with the NSF/ANASI 44/61/372 standards (additionally to European TUV SUD and ISO). That is why our filters are applicable for US market and can be distributed through amazon.com platform.


Other Brands:

Brio Coolers