Ecosoft Ecocide DB20 RO Biocide 10 kg

Ecosoft Ecocide DB20 RO Biocide 10 kg

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ECOCIDE DB20 RO is a fast acting non-oxidative broad spectrum biocide. It is intended for control and prevention of membrane biofouling. The potent biocide immediately disinfects and rapidly biodegrades to non-toxic products. Due to the powerful properties, ECOCIDE DB20 RO is a safe and cost effective solution for RO systems.

  • Quickly degrades to safe compounds, does not accumulate in the environment. 

  • Can be used to control prevent biofouling of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes in water treatment application. 

  • Compatible with all types of membranes and water treatment materials. 

  • It is manufactured in accordance with TUU 20.5-31749798-004:2013. 

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