Ecosoft Ecotec RO 1000 Antiscalant/Dispersant 10 kg

Ecosoft Ecotec RO 1000 Antiscalant/Dispersant 10 kg

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ECOTEC RO 1000 is a universal liquid antiscalant and dispersant based on polymers and copolymers of acrylic acid. The powerful antiscalant/dispersant prevents formation of deposits and disperse of colloids in thin film composite (TFC) and cellulose acetate membranes. ECOTEC RO 1000 can be applied to a wide range of types of treated water. It is manufactured in accordance with TUU 20.5-31749798-004:2013.

  • Is a potent inhibitor of carbonate and sulfate deposits

  • Maintains colloidal and suspended particles in dispersed state

  • Effective for different composition of water

  • Reduces overall system contamination by inhibiting precipitant of inorganic crystals

  • Economical operation of the RO system due to low effective dosage and reduced frequency of chemical cleaning

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