Why Your Ecosoft Filters Need to Be Replaced Frequently

Why Your Ecosoft Filters Need to Be Replaced Frequently

Whether you’re enjoying a cool glass of ice water after a long workout, or you’re washing vegetables for dinner, ensuring a reliable source of filtered water provides health benefits. Keeping your water fresh is essential, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as replacing your water filter. Here’s why your water filter system needs a frequent filter change along with some helpful advice.

1. To keep your water clean

With easy access to modern filtration technology such as reverse osmosis filters and activated carbon filters, we tend to take clean water for granted.

Unfortunately, old filters may hinder your water filter system’s ability to provide adequate clean water for consumption.

To reiterate, each reverse osmosis filter features a special RO membrane and filter designed to filter pollution, chlorine, organic and inorganic compounds, and other harmful contaminants. But, over time these water filters will lose their ability to filter and purify water. This could lead to higher microbes levels, chemical levels, and mineral levels. Eventually, the chemicals designed to be filtered out will eventually flow into our water meant for consumption

So to help avoid negative health effects, it's recommended to replace your water filters as frequently as the product requires (See: Table of Filter Replacement Timing).

2. To maintain your water flow

Have you noticed the water flow from your filter system starting to dwindle? Well, when the water filter cartridge captures sediment from flowing water, the filter will eventually clog up. Whether it’s sand, rust, scale, and slit, the clogged water filter will hinder the water output and thus your water usage. 

Whether it’s your refrigerator filter, sink filter, or water pitcher filter, if your flow turns into a drip, you may need a new filter.

3. To improve taste and smell

We want to enjoy what we drink. So why suffer from poorly tasting water?

If your water is tasting odd, it could be that the old filter is not holding the contaminants, thus allowing them to seep through. This will lead to poorly tasting water.

Along with bad taste, water passed through an old filter may leave behind a foul odor. Similar to bad taste, foul odor often occurs when the water filter isn’t capturing chlorine, containment, and other materials not recommended for consumption.

Helpful Advice

With the provided reasons why you should replace your filters. Here are some tips and tricks for maintaining your water systems.

To help alleviate flow to your water supply, it is recommended to replace the sediment filter. Ecosoft offers an array of sediment filters, one includes the PP Melt Blown Sediment Replacement Filter. This water filter is designed to remove sand, rust, scale, and slit from the water. With a filter life of 3-6 months, make sure you stay on top of having a new filter replacement.

If bad odor is an issue, your GAC carbon filter may need to be replaced. As a reminder, GAC carbon filter helps neutralize chlorine, organic and chlorine compounds, such as pesticides and dioxides. This helps eliminate the bad odor and taste, which will result in great tasting water.  

To help with bad odor, and water flow, the 3 stages of replacement filters for a reverse osmosis filter system can provide optimal filtered water. The set includes a 5 micron sediment filter, GAC carbon filter, and a 1-micron sediment filter. The first 5-micron sediment filter is designed to hold and remove sand, rust, scale, and slit from the water, the second GAC carbon filter is designed to help with bad odor and taste, and the third 1-micron sediment is used to help reduce remove sand, rust, scale, and slit larger than 1-micron. When these are regularly replaced, the water will be fresh and clean for consumption.

Replacing your carbon activated filter will help keep your water clean, odorless, and delicious. Carbon activated water filters are designed to filter chlorine and chlorination byproducts, phenos, pesticides, and other chemicals and contaminants. Finding a carbon activated filter replacement is easy to do. Whether you need a 4.5”x20” activated carbon filter replacement, or a 4.5”x10” activated carbon filter replacement, removing the impurities and harmful contaminants for a delicious, clean glass of cold water is easy to do.

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