Everything You Need to Know About Reverse Osmosis

Everything You Need to Know About Reverse Osmosis

Whether you are doing a load of laundry or drinking water from your tap, there are various microscopic contaminants in your water source. The unfiltered water that runs through your home’s pipelines and through your daily appliances can cause harm by frequently exposing you and your home to harmful contaminants. Ecosoft offers an innovative solution that safely removes a neverending list of contaminants through Reverse Osmosis Technology. It offers a reliable and sustainable method to access purified water that is free from chlorine, sediment, and more!

There are various factors that go into creating clean water with a reverse osmosis system. Fortunately, Ecosoft simplifies it. Ecosoft connects to your water line and drain for a simple and effective water filtration system. 

When you choose to filter your water supply with an Ecosoft residential under sink filter you can trust that water has been transformed into pure water. Water is pushed through various initial stages of filtration before reaching the reverse osmosis filter cartridge, where it is thoroughly filtered for the ultimate drinking water. Tap water is passed through a sediment and carbon block filter to remove harmful contaminants, such as rust and dirt, before being further filtered through a reverse osmosis cartridge. When the water has been initially filtered for large contaminants through the activated carbon cartridge, it is then pushed through the reverse osmosis membrane with the homes natural water pressure (NOTE if your home has low water pressure adding a permeate pump will greatly speed up the water filtration process and increase the flow rate). The tightly wound membrane within the RO membrane cartridge removes microscopic contaminants from water, disposing of them through the drain tube while allowing the filtered water to flow through the rest of your filtration system and into the reservoir tank.

IMPORTANT! Contaminants that are removed from the reverse osmosis system absolutely need to be connected to a drain system to properly dispose of the wastewater. 

Ecosoft offers various types of filtration post reverse osmosis, you can choose to infuse and enrich water molecules with various minerals with an Ecosoft Mineral Filter Cartridge that provides a wide range of life-sustaining minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Tailoring reverse osmosis filtered water to best suit your lifestyle is simple with Ecosoft.

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A reverse osmosis filtration system provides a reliable source of purified water at your fingertips, but it does require maintenance. In order to maintain the longevity of the heavy-duty under sink water filter, regular replacement of water filters is important. On average, depending on how heavily the filtration system is used, the Ecosoft filter cartridges should be replaced every six months or so. Replacing filters is simple, as filters are quick connecting or an effortless twist-on and -off mechanism. 

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After either the under sink or whole house reverse osmosis filtration system has been installed, enjoying spa-quality water is right at your fingertips. Quality purified water goes far beyond hydration and can protect appliances from buildup and other unsightly consequences of unfiltered water. When a residential reverse osmosis filtration system is installed to filter the water in the entire home, you can enjoy dishes that are free from water spots or fresh laundry that is washed with water that is free from hard water is an everyday experience. Reverse osmosis filtration provides the most while requiring very little upkeep.

Taking water filtration to the next level with a reverse osmosis system is easy with an Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis Filtration System. The filter system provides reliable access to water that is bottled water quality every time through a simple and user-friendly system. Access to quality water is at the turn of the tap when you install an Ecosoft Filter System.